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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

125 gallon tank

 My 125 gallon tank from the start up to today 2011

This is the largest tank I have ever had and love it.
It is my dream tank and when I moved to my new home I new it was the next step
for my saltwater hobby.
It was set up on  1-25-06  using live rock, new sand seeded from my other tanks
and water from my other 4 tanks to get it started.
It cycled very little that way and was ready for the fish from day one.
I did lose 2 damsels( not much loss but a loss just the same) a few weeks after setting up the tank
but all of the rest of the fish are doing great 
in this tank, all is well.

This picture is of the setup of the tank. Of course it has matured over the years.



 I bought a new  72" Orbit fixture with VHO bulbs and moon light for this tank and its the first time I have had
the moonlights and love them.See it in the "Lighting" section.(the moon lights have stopped working)

I sit after lights out and everything has gone to sleep to see what's scurrying around in the tank.
It is amazing the amount of little pods , worms etc that come out  after dark.

They are all a must for a stable tank I have always believed.
I have Bristle worms in all of my tanks and also believe they are a must for part of the cleanup crew  as they are
scavengers and will clean up most anything that falls to the bottom.
I have never had them eat anything else in my tanks.


I have 25 blue legs hermits and around 30 snails in the tank also for cleanup.
One thing I do have in every tank that I have is cleaner shrimp, they are great for eating Mysis shrimp
that missed the fishes mouths and drops to the bottom of the tank.
I feel they are important for all of my tanks.
They also keep my fish free from parasites so they are a multi task animal.
I do not keep any hard corals, don't like them. Only soft so  I do add different things to

make sure they are kept pretty and green and happy.

Because of the huge number of Mushrooms and Ricordia in this tank, I have had to start dosing  many different

chemicals to the water to keep them healthy.

Before this I have never added anything. And because I do very few water changes, some of the chemicals have to be added

because they are all used up.


Water changes are done when I get around to it.
Usually ever few months I do a 20% water change.
I use Well water  for top off 's.

Now for the pictures of my new baby....................
The start (and now the finished product on 11-3-2011)

For the current pictures of this tank, see section with 125.





   This tank is now a Mushroom and Ricordia  tank as they took over the Anemones who where moved into the 75 g tank.

 I have 4 huge leathers now and this is just one

that I cut off of one because it was just about to fall off anyway.

 It is shaped heart shape below.

My beautiful female True Percula, this picture was taken on 3-5-06


So, to see this beautiful tank now, take a look under the section 125.