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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care


I had to do it
Move all of the Anemones out of
the 125 gallon to the
75 gallon tank.
I am now considering selling the 76 gallon and getting a 
new 125 to put them all in, I just have to many for the 75 now.

 Since the spawn in the 75 gallon, I now have over 50 Anemones
in the 75 gallon, I moved 6 of the quarter size BTA's into
the 125 just because the 75 has run out of room for them to grow.
 The Mushrooms where taking over the 125 gallon
crowding out the Anemones from all sides.
 You can see the 125 under it's own section.

So I  decided to move them all out of the big tank
to the smaller one.
And they are certainly happy there.
Since the water conditions are identical in both tanks
I just moved all of them that where on rocks with their
rocks into the 75 gallon.
Then removed rock that has Mushrooms in the 75 gallon where
placed into the 125.
I did leave a few of they Fuzzy Shrooms in the 75 for the
green color as I love the red's and green's together.
So any that where on the glass where removed from the glass and
transferred to the 75.
So without any of them being stressed and there
was no need to acclimate them they
where placed in the 75 gallon where they started to fully
open and show their true size.
Something they could not do in the large tank because
the Mushrooms where crowding them all into small spaces.
So here is the 75 gallon tank a few days ago.
As you can see they are all very happy and some have split
since being moved to their own tank.
Here are some pictures of the 75 gallon now.

Some of the Anemones on the right.

And here are a few Close up's of some of the really cool
Anemones in this tank.


Below a new Bud.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing them all together.
I do have to do more frequent water changes with
so many in this tank. But as you can see
they are all happy and healthy as are the Clowns.

Thanks for visiting my 75 gallon and hope you enjoyed seeing it.