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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Acclimatize your roses to your tank



Never float the bag to acclimate the Anemone.
Always use the drip method
She must be drip acclimated for at least an hour or more.
Two is much better, just watch TVor read a book while
you wait, time flies when you stay busy.

Floating the bag does NOTHING to prepare her for her new home.

So please, follow the advice below.

Many  Anemones have been lost by floating their bag,
then releasing them into the tanks

Useful Tool

I use this nifty little item that can be found at most medical supply stores.
Run the airline tubing through it.

Roll the roller to allow full flow to get it started .

Put one end in a bucket with your
rose and the water from the fish store in it.

 Start the flow by using a flow starter bulb or sucking on the tube.


Once the water has started in the bucket, roll the roller to set it to one drip per second,
drip for a minimum of 1  1/2 hours. No less.

(Never leave the drip running while you are away)

 Water levels rise fast even though you are dripping it.


Saltwater on carpet is no fun.
  Don't add the water from the store

 Never add the water from  shipping bag  or fish store  to your tank,

You will want to throw it out. Once acclimated, put on a glove.

When dripped for a few hours, you will have

enough water from your tank to be able to then

pour it all out and add the water from the tank

with the Anemone. This way no water from the fish

store will go into your tank. Be sure to not take the

Anemone out of the water when doing this, always keep her under


  Use a container that will submerge in the bucket of water

and place your anemone and its rock, if it is attached to one

into a bowl, then place the bowl with your Anemone

into the tank.

  Placing it

Take the Anemone and rock out  of the bucket
or whatever you have used
to acclimate it. Then submerge it
and place
 it gently in your tank where you HOPE it will stay.

If it's attached to the side of your bucket and not on a rock, gently use
 your fingernail under it's foot (a credit card works great to) and work it all the
 way around the foot, gently pulling up as you go.
(Remember, they sting)
Wear gloves.

 When it let's go, lift it out being sure to cradle it completely
in the palm of your hand

under the water.

I do not recommend that you let the anemone be exposed to air.
I have always kept them under water when moving them around.

Suction device


To keep from getting a mouth full of yucky salt water.

I use this handy suction device. It has two different

size holes, one for larger and one for airline tubing.

It is below.. Pretty cool.

I have no idea where you can get them as this came in a box of aquarium supply

that I found at a garage sale.