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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

My soft spot for the sick ones

  Do you ever see these poor Anemones in your local fish store?

I do all of the time and it makes me sad.

Fish stores do not care for their Anemones when they have them,
in hopes they sell fast before the lose them all.

I used to buy them when I found them in this condition, because I
Knew I could save them from death.
And have written here that I do recommend doing it but not any longer.

What happens is this.
They sell their sick and usually starving Anemones, only to turn around and buy more of them.
And the cycle starts all over again.
So please, do NOT buy these Anemones at any price.
They will just replace them with another.

Do you know where you fish stores gets the Anemones that they sell?
There are few people out there splitting their Anemones to sell them.

And if they are using razor blades to do such a horrible  thing, then shame on them.
There are some people that will cut their beautiful Anemones into halves or thirds.
Letting them heal  then sell them locally.
Always ask where their Anemones came from.
Usually they come from the wilds.
Over seas they make a great journey to us.
Stuffed in buckets or plastic bags, little water to keep them from
doing God knows what.
They almost never acclimatized at the stores, just dumped into the
tanks, then the for sale sign is slapped up.
Please, avoid these at all costs.

These are a few of the Anemones I saved back about 8 years ago, that is when I was on a quest to save them all,
but found that the above is true and so I stopped.
It can be done, but most people have the perfect tank and want instant color.
A white Anemone is not that, and will wonder around your tank, knocking over corals as they go along, looking in vane for that perfect place to set it's foot down.
Usually the tank has been set up for some time, all decorated and purdy and now comes along a starving animal that needs lots of TlC.
So please. Buy from your local people that have them in their tanks and have had splits from their own.
They did not buy them.
You can go look at it, put some money down on it if it is just from a split, then wait for the mouth to heal,
in the mean time, you have placed a few rocks around it in the persons tank, hoping she will move her foot onto it.
That way you can just lift the rock and it up into a submerged bag ready to transport to your tank.

So please, keep our oceans healthy , don't buy bleached Anemones, no matter what kind they are.
It just makes for bad collection practices from our oceans.

Below is a story of one bleached Anemone, back in 2006.

Here is the story of one bleached Anemone.
Day one I brought her home.
Day two the rock was removed from in front of him.
Also, the little green Anemone rock in front was moved away because they have a powerful sting.
To which I can attest.

And it has two mouth's.
And something really cool is it eats with both of them I have found out.
I have fed it a part of a Silverside to each mouth and it takes it and swallows it with both.
It also poops from both mouth's.
In the above picture you can see a hint of brown in it's tentacles.

In the above picture is the mouth, pretty closed up by looking somewhat hungry, so she was fed a Silverside.
As you can see in the picture below, it has started to bubble and has just started to regain

it's color. The picture shows a faint hint of red.

Below you can watch for the recovery of this beautiful animal  in pictures taken about a week apart.

It is regaining it's color slowly but doing well and as you can see in this  picture
it is eliminating waste.
The  color usually starts at the base or neck and moves up the Tentacles as
it comes back.
As you can see here, it has lost its bubbles but it is still getting it's color
back.  It starts with a brown tan color.

Picture below is one week later.

  And 2 weeks later here she is below.
His color is just a bit redder then in the picture.
He has made a full recovery and doing well

with both mouths. She eats with both of them also. Amazing.
I am happy to have saved this fella  from the brink of death and the SW store
that didn't care.


  Another 2 weeks above and she is looking beautiful
A very happy gal ,


Notice the bubble tips?
They are the size of a thumb on a person.
You can compare them with the polps on the right  in the picture, they are about 1/4 inch across.
She has fully recovered and very happy.


So as you can see by the above pictures, it can be done.
With clean water and a lot of water movement around the Anemone
Good food and constant feeding of Silversides they can recover from a life
of starvation.
So if you have a tank that is over a year old,stable and have kept Anemones
before and find yourself looking at a bleached BTA and want to try and save it
give it a try.
But don't pay full price if you can help it.
Most store owners when convinced that you know it is bleached (most will tell you that white
is a new color) tell them you know better.
BTA's are not white in nature but different variations of red and pink. Some even are dappled
and beautiful.
Here is an update on this beautiful Anemone.
The True Perculas have taken to it and abandoned their other home.
The final result is.......................
The anemone is now 9" across and doing terrific. It has never moved from it's original spot so it is very happy.

Update again, caught the Anemone in the perfect position to snap
a couple of great pictures of it's two mouth's.
I bet they talk to each other

I thought this was pretty of my baby.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing her come back to her glorious self. Today, February of 2013
she is the largest in my tank. She has been moved to my 75 gallon because of the amount
of Mushrooms that are now in the 125 gallon, she needed the room.
Here she is today.