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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Mixing things up




 What is the secret to having BTA's in a mixed Reef?

I have found that if they get hungry they wander.

 So I never let my Roses get hungry.
I have  been keeping Roses with all of my

other Corals in my  tank without one moving more than an inch since it's placement.
See my sections on current tanks and the Clowns spawning page for pictures of my mixed Reef tanks.
Here is my 125. I have  17 Roses (as of 9-11-08) in this tank

living with mixed softies.

(update) There are no Anemones in this tank any longer

see section on the 125 and 75 gallon tanks for explanation as of 2011.

 The picture below is when it was first set up and if you look at

the picture above, you can see how nicely they have all grown

and filled in.

(this tank has been changed drastically so be sure to see updated

pictures of both tanks in their sections.)

Below is the full tank established. However I have moved

all of the BTA's out of this tank to the 75 gallon because all of

the Mushrooms  and Ricordia have taken over this tank.


You can have mixed reefs as long as your other corals are kept in check. I am not the kind of

person that takes overgrown rocks out and break them up to sell them. I let mother nature

take it's course but because the Mushrooms took over the tank, it was necessary to remove

all of the Anemones from this tank.

However they did very well up until then.

So if you are thinking of adding one to your reef system, be sure you have enough room for them to 

open up and spread out without being stung or that they get over run by other corals.


This tank is now covered in Mushrooms Ricordia so please see their sections with

new pictures for 2011..