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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Clowns spawning among the roses

My Clarki spawning among the roses

The pictures below are from 2004.

I have since bought another pair and raised them together, and now they are on their 4th spawning.

See pictures of them below.

 I have had this pair of Clarki clowns since (2004)  and they

laid their first eggs on the date on the picture. They have spawned  many times since this one.

The eggs are protected by being laid at the base of one of the roses

More months of Spawning.



They have laid eggs each month for 2 years now.

As of yesterday they have another batch of eggs. 3-22-2010

Update on this pair.

I lost my male about a year ago.

He jumped out of the tank one night and needless to say, I was very upset over loosing him..

Now the female is in the 125 gallon tank with no mate, I hope to get her one soon.