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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Deflating and why they do it

1.Deflating roses and why do they do it

Roses deflate to get rid of waste, that is to say, poo and expel water.

They will expel at least every 2 days,sometimes daily.

It is a process that is done by(sometimes)  shrinking up so much that you think they are dying but are not. I have not however seen every Anemone

shrink when expelling so not all do it.

They need to expel their  waste and replace their body and Tentacles with fresh water regularly

and here is what they look like when doing so:

(picture below is an old one, newer ones are after it)

 Look closely, you can see the brown stingy junk coming out of it's mouth (below) that is the Poo


I very seldom see them Pooping as my fish eat it and also

the cleanup crew.


5. More pictures of Close,resting or sleeping


They are resting or exchanging their water.

All are normal.

Sometimes all you can see is just the very tips of the

Tentacles sticking out.