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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Those amazing Tentacles


The question I have read so often.

Why are my BTA's Tentacles straight and long with no

Bubble tips?

Well, it is just how they are.

Some will bubble one day and be long and leggy the next.

No one knows why this is but they just do it.

I have some that are bubbled at all times and are never stringy.

And some stay long and leggy and never Bubble up.

So I thought I would make a section showing the different Tentacles that

my BTA's have.


Oh, and all are normal for BTA's

So on with the pictures.

















I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the funny , pretty, fat and pudgy and downright

silly Tentacles that I have on some of my Roses.

I have hundreds more pictures of course, but for now, will just post these to show you the

different ways they can and do look and all are normal.