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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Please help Me help You.

In order for me to help you, please fill out all of the
information in as much detail as possible on my help
page keeping the information below in mind.
I am unable to help you if you do not do this for me.

I need to know everything about your tank, lights, filtration
acclimation, age and other corals so that I can help
determine what has gone wrong with your Anemone.

I no longer will look up gallon to Liter information,
as well as other information that takes up my time.

So please, if you are outside of the United States
and use the Liter instead of Gallon , have that information
figured for me.

Also please send me your water temperature in degrees
so that I will not have to look that up.

All of these things save me time so that I can get your
questions answered as fast as possible.

I average around 25 emails a week, and add in
the return questions and replies to those and it
takes up a lot of time.
 So as I said, help me help you.


Please send me current
pictures of your Anemone so that
I can help you to diagnose what the problems are.

Please take pictures.

 "Close up of the Anemone"

"The whole tank"

"Where the Anemone is in the tank"

"Use your photo program to put an arrow
where the Anemone is in the tank if it is hard
to see when sending the whole tank picture"

Send all photos to me at

Please do not send links to "Photobucket".
I will not look at them there.
Just put your full name and Add
"Anemone help"
in the subject line of your email
so that I know I need to help you asap.

Be sure to also put your full name in
the Email body so that I can keep the email
for future use if you need help.

All of these things will help me to diagnose your problem.

Thanks for your cooperation

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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