The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

                                                                                             Filtration on my tanks

Filtration for my tanks is
completely different from most people.
I depend highly on the live rock, Mushrooms and
little buggers in the rock
to do most of the filtration, along with the live sand.
I do not have Refugiums or Sumps to filter my water.
I use the good old hang on filtration . It
catches floating debris  and other things suspended in
the water.

Here is what I have on each tank.
On all tanks I use AquaClear  hang on filters
with blue and white  filter floss.
It can be bought on Ebay in a roll of 5 feet or more
and that is how I purchase it, then just cut to fit what size
your filter needs.
I also use Marine Land  Skimmers and love them.
 Here is one at work on my 125
They can take a few days to settle down when first starting
them up but here is what I get every 2 days from them.

I have them on both  and they are the cheapest to
purchase. All of mine where bought on Ebay.
Recently I had a crack on the bottom that could
not be fixed, thus I could not use it at all, so I contacted the
manufacture of them, and they were nice to send me
the whole piece, free of with free shipping,
 so now I have a brand new body for it.
Here is how well it works in the 125 gallon tank.
It is only 2 days of collection.
Is this not the grossest thing you have ever seen!!

Easy to clean to,just run them under warm tap water, use a tooth brush (not yours)
to scrape the gunk out and down the drain. 

The filters come in several sizes, the 500 is the largest and I
 use one on my 125  and 75
 You can add a bag of charcoal into the chamber also or any other media you want to use.
 They are easy to clean and come apart for soaking in bleach water.
I take them outside every few months, and soak them in a large wash tub for a few hours to
loosen anything that is really stuck or growing on the inside parts.

Then I take a brush  to scrub them clean.
They look like brand new and there are no parts to go bad on them
and I have never had to replace the impeller on them.
So give them a try.