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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Will green turn to red?

A note about this Anemone.

A few years ago I ordered an H. Magnifica.

They sent me this green BTA instead by mistake.

That was fine, they refunded my payment and told me to keep it so of course
I did.

It stayed green for the first month that I had it, however
as time went by the tentacles started to turn a pretty
pinkish red in color.

It lost it's bubble tips also, not unexpected.

It is now a beautiful pale red in color and has quadrupled in size.

Here are the pictures of it when it arrived.

The first picture is when it was placed in the
tank after acclimating  it.
It hung upside down for several hours, it's foot attached quickly to the rock.

The second day it bubbled up nicely.  Bleached  but it looked healthy and ate well.

Sitting there looking all cute

As you can see in the picture below
this is what their Anemone's looked
like on the site I bought it from.
( So is this one a bleached red or a Green?)

And  2 months later

it is red!



Update on the little gal, she  has been moved to her new home in my new 75,
happy as a clam so to speak.
Here are new pictures of her, as you can see she likes it a lot.

Please ignore the date on the camera. The above picture was taken February 2010.

Her transformation has been wonderful
to watch, even though she seldom has bubble tips
she is a pretty addition to my tank.
New pictures of how she has grown are below
She has grown to over 12 inches across when fully open and I am thrilled that she
has made a full recovery.

Some days she has her bubble tips, some days she doesn't and I always enjoy turning
the lights on  in the morning to see how she is feeling  as that is usually when
she is asleep and bubbled up a bit.