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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Funny quirky pictures of roses

All of the pictures in this section where taken over a period of 10 years with different cameras so the
colors may look different from one picture to the next.


Sometimes the little buggers decided to show their sense of humor and I am lucky enough to have a camera handy when they do.
Here are some pictures I have taken over time showing the strange and funny things they do to their bodies.
Hope you enjoy them and they make you smile.
All are normal and they will fix themselves in no time

This is one of my largest Roses,


She lived on the right side of my 125 gallon tank
and each day she is up to the water level in the tank .
She has her foot buried about 6 inches into the rock work at all times.
Recently she has been attached to the glass when she is ready to hit the sack and
so part of her stays attached to the glass until she decided to let go of it(like kids not
wanting to go to bed) Just 5 more minutes mom please????
Anyway, she finally lets go and plops down into the rock for her nap.
Here are some pictures of her attached by just a small part of her body to the glass
until she lets go to go to bed in the evenings.
She also seems to have her watch set for lights out, as just about a half hour before
I turn the lights out, she has let go and is all snug in her rock.


And what the heck is this?

Did you swallow something to big for you?
Are you playing Alien?
Well, whatever you're doing, it is pretty darn cute.
I have several that do this almost daily.
They ball up. sucking themselves inside and just leaving a few
tentacles hanging around outside.
Looks like the capsules of the "Alien's" doesn't she?

Now back to some of my older pictures of funny Anemones and the things
they do to themselves.


I hope you have enjoyed the silly pictures, if you have one that you would like to share please

send it to me at karensroseanemones@wildblue.net