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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Why do they hide?

Is your anemone hiding from you?

Anemones need some quiet time

They need time to just rest and hide for awhile.

They may hang upside down under a rock or shrivel up in a dark

cave someplace to get away from it all. There is nothing

to worry about if you know for a fact that it has been eating and was

out in the light and feeling good in the previous days.

Don't move your anemone just because it is in hiding but keep an eye

on it to make sure that it is still red and attached. It may not be swelled up

or bubbly as we all have our bad days. Just let it rest and don't disturb it.

It will come out of hiding when its vacation is over with and it is ready to be out

front to entertain you again.

Below is a picture of one  of my

Anemones that went missing..

She stayed under this rock

for almost a week until finally coming out to join in the fun.

Remember, sometimes they will also go into hiding when splitting or sick, but if

it looks as this one does, then its just resting for a few days.

If the tentacles are long and stringy with a gaping mouth, that is a different story

Keep an eye on it in that case and if it gets to gaping more, then its time to pull

it out of your tank.

It may be splitting however, so make sure that you read the section

on splitting before doing anything. There are

pictures for you to compare yours with mine.

In general, they hide frequently and should not be disturbed.

Feed them if you can, but if not, don't worry, they will come out when hungry.

Also remember, your Anemone may take a place in the back of the

tank behind your rock work to live. They don't know that they are supposed

to stay out front or on top so that you can see it.

If you absolutely have to have it out front, then move the whole rock

it is attached to, gently moving it to the front of the tank.

Leave it alone and see if it will stay.

Usually they won't and will move back to where it was as it likes

it  there for a reason.

Try giving it more water movement when you move it out front. They like

a lot of current. If you have a lot of current in the back of your tank, that

is why it is back there, so change the movement of water to the front of the

tank. She will then stay out front.