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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care


 Lighting requirements

1. Bubble tip Anemones are a medium light Anemone.

They do not require Metal Halide lighting, in fact

they hide from such bright light until

fully adjusted to it, which could take weeks .

They will thrive under VHO lighting very well

(see the pictures I have added) if you have rock work that they can

climb up on to reach more light if they feel the need to.

 Here is a picture of my 75 gallon tank with VHO lighting by Orbit.

It is a 4 lamp fixture  and each lamp is 96 watt.

I love the Orbit fixtures as they have built in Moon lights usually,

fans on both ends that run when the lights

are turned on to keep the fixture cool.

And also night lights that are on separate

cords so I keep the lights and them

on timers so that the moon lights come

on about 5 minutes before the

VHO lights turn off.

They are easy to replace the bulbs which are available at most SW stores or on line.

   2. Why is it wandering around?

If your BTA wanders around for a bit it is either unhappy with the water flow,

or is looking for food.

If it hides, it is trying to get away from bright light or is new to your tank

and is just  trying to get used  to your tank.

Be patient and do not move your new Anemone.

It will come out of hiding on its own.


3. Timers for lights

My lights are on from 8am to around 9pm.

 I have placed all of my tanks lights on timers, no more late turn offs.

       You can see this nice fixture below. It also comes with plastic legs

of which I proceeded to break within a few months, they are not


I now have the fixture up off the tank with wood that has grooves in one

side for the fixture edge to sit into. And so is much more stable.




It has a 72" Orbit fixture over it with 6-96 watt bulbs.

Right now the Actinic is out over the right side, thus the orange color on the right.

But as you can see, there is plenty of light for any softy's that you would like to keep.



                                                                                                     5. Some of the buds

Below are 3 baby Anemones that used to be under this fixture.( Buds from my large


They do great under VHO fixtures as long as you have plenty of SunLight bulbs

with just a few Actinics for color.


6.More on the lamps

So please remember that the more light you have, the happier your tank critters will be.

But I do have to say that MH lighting is not needed for BTA's.

I also replace all lamps at 8 to 12 months, whether they are out or not.

I can always tell a difference when I replace the lamps, as the tanks are

much brighter and the Anemones

always respond to the new bulbs by laying back down and

not reaching for light like they tend

to do when the lamps are loosing their brightness.

I buy all of my bulbs from Dr.s Foster and Smith when they put them on sale yearly.

I buy enough for 2 years just in case one is broken in shipping or one goes out for some reason.

Always keeps spares on hand.

I have several small Coralife fixtures that I used to have over
smaller tanks. Legs are available for these smaller fixtures that let you
swing it up and back. They are great for smaller tanks such as 20 gallon longs.
Here is a picture with it open , it is over a 45 gallon tank.

So please make sure that you have the correct lighting for your

Anemone, I prefer 4 watts or more per gallon of water and that

is what I recommend to all of the people that ask for advice

on this subject.

Metal Halide bulbs are just to bright for Bubble Tip Anemones and

so I do NOT recommend them for these Anemones.

Important to note.
Please use heavy duty electrical
outlet stips  with a circuit breaker inside
so that is water falls onto it, it will turn itself off
and not start a fire.
I have one that did just that and it turned itself off
just in time.
Below are two pictures of the
cord after water got into one of the outlet holes,
It burned for a few seconds and then shut the whole
strip off so that there was no fire.
Now I keep the strip under the tank hanging on a screw
up under the stand and make sure there is a drip
loop so that any water running down the cord will go onto the
floor and not into the extension strip
So please take care to keep all of your cords out of
harms way