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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The healthy mouth


   The Mouth of the Anemone

       The mouth of your Anemone should be closed most of the time.




              It will sometimes swell to bubbles when it is stressed or hungry or has just eaten.
              I  have some do that when I do a water change also. It is nothing to be worried about
and they will soon loose the swelling around their mouth.

                But if you see any of the insides, go to the sick Anemone section.

                 Below is the typical Mouth of a Rose. It is always closed.



And a closer view of the same Mouth, above after swelling up for food.




     She also does this when she smells/tastes food in the water.


     Here is the same one all puckered up ready to try and swallow a Silverside.
 It is too big or so I thought but she got it down.

   They will pucker up like this when hungry and or detect food in the water column.
     The Anemone is the same one that is now in the 125 gallon tank with the True Perk clowns
hosting it.
     She puckers like this every time I feed the tank.

              Another perfect example of a swollen Mouth looking for food.
               I have found that they can smell food in the water no matter what the food is.
               When I feed Mysis shrimp this one immediately puckers its lips as seen below.
               The picture above this sentence and below are the same anemone. Different feeding days.


     So all of this puckering means they either smell or taste food in the water and are ready to grab whatever they can get.