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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Skimming the tank

Above are pictures of the sea clone collection cups with
the gunk from the 75 gallon aquarium. This is for only 2 days
of collecting.

 They are  SEACLONE  skimmers on  all of my  tanks.

The Seaclones sure pull the junk
out of the water.

They take a few days to adjust but are worth it and are reasonably priced.
I am sure that you all know what Skimmate is?

If not, it is protein.
Poop and Urine and other things that are protein's in the water.
I will never have a tank without a Skimmer on it.
Can you imagine all of that crud in the tank building up day after day,
 week after week if you
didn't have a way to get it out?
Even water changes won't do that much good but would help.

The skimmer cups  are emptied every 2 to 4 days.
They pull out black glue like gunk,
I run one on my 75 and 2 on my 125
gallon tank.

I had a problem with one of the skimmers. The part where
the uptake tube attaches to the skimmer bottom cracked.
I tried super glue but no good.
Since I can not use the skimmer without fixing the crack
and not wanting to toss the whole thing just because of that
I contacted the manufacturer.
Explained the problem and also included pictures of the crack,
They offered, at no charge to replace the skimmer unit, without the
pump and skimmer collection cup since I still had them.
It arrived within 5 days, and NO Charge!!
What a great company

The cup holds about a cup of liquid.
Also, I have taken plastic drinking cups and cut a slot in them. (see cup
on the left in the pictures)
I then place them on top of the collection cup to 
keep the skim mate from bubbling over the top of the lid and over the sides.

They don't look great but sure do the job, as sometimes the gunk will bubble
out of the vent hole in the lid and all over the walls and down the back of the tank.
So I added them to all of my skimmers and now the walls stay clean.
They are easy to clean with a toothbrush .

Don't let people tell you that  the more expensive  ones are better.
Sure they hang on the back of the tank.
But with the light fixture on top, you can not see the skimmer at all.
It is a great skimmer and comes in 2 sizes for large and small tank.
So give them a look.
Also, don't get your nose to close to it, it sure does stink

Power heads:

The power heads that I use are two different ones and l really like the
Hydor Koralia Turbo pump
brand much better then the Seio that I have been using.
The Koralia use suction cups and magnets to mount on the tank and I especially
like the magnet to keep them in place.
It allows me to put the power head down low in the tank so that it can move the
junk around on the sand without it laying on the sand itself.
It works with a propeller that simply moves water, no sucking in water
action like all other power heads before it.

They come in 3 different sizes and I have  2 large and 2 medium from
Dr.Foster and Smith when they were on sale.
They are fabulous and quiet so give them a try.



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