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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Taking a tumble in the water column

Taking a tumble in the current

Sometimes Anemones like to take a roll in the water current and it is usually because they are unhappy with

the conditions of where they used to be.

It could be lack of food or water movement.

  Here is an old picture I took of one that decided to take a tumble around the tank

She tumbled about for around 10 minutes and when she had her fun she attached to the rock below and was just fine.
One thing to remember is that it is not normal for them to do it for a long period of time.

They may turn loose and float around for a few minutes and land in a place where they quickly attach their foot.(The reason to keep those Power heads covered).

But if yours stays unattached and floating for more then 15 minutes and or settles to the bottom with its face down in
the sand, there is a problem.

I have never had one land on its face and stay there.
They always land on there foot or their side.
If yours is face down, pick it up and place it in between two rocks tentacles up, even if it has to be somewhat deep in the rocks
to support it.
If it attaches, great, if it releases and goes floating again you need to put rocks around it on the floor of the tank and sometimes you need to cover it with a colander to keep it from floating away.

An unattached Anemone is an unhappy/unhealthy Anemone.
Figure out the problem and fix it.

Feed it first is my recommendation.
If it will not take food, do a water change, 20% minimum.
Then see how it reacts.

If it is still red or green depending on your species and eating well, you will need to figure out why it will not
attach to the rock.

Do you have to much current in your tank?

Sometimes we tend to have a lot of current moving in the tank and if the Anemone

decides to move and it gets caught in the current, it can get bashed on the rock work , injuring
itself or not be able to even get a hold of a rock to get attached.

So try placing it under a power head out of direct current to see if that will help it attach.

And finally it attached and settled down.