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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The Anemone crab, not a good thing

The Anemone crab, a big pest?

The Anemone Crab is darn right cute but it will harass  your Anemone to no end.

They will keep the tentacles irritated, steal food from it and keep your clown fish out of it also.

See the irritated tentacles? In my opinion, it is not a safe thing to have in your tank with Anemones.

This is one that came with the LTA that I bought years ago. 


It finally got to be such a pain that I caught it up and took it back to the fish store.

I do not keep any sort of crabs in any of my tanks because of the irritation that they do to all Anemones.

So before you purchase one, please realize they will become pests after awhile.