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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The tank cleanup crew

Above is myDecoratorCrab

The Clean up Crew.

What to know about picking what is right for your tank.

There are many critters that you can add to your tank to help keep it clean

and tidy.

 Also there are some that you should NOT put into your tank with an Anemone.

Below you will see what I keep in my tank. And more
that I had in the past that I lost.



 The Cucumber

I just adore these funny looking critters,

I do not have one at the moment but am waiting to find

one on line,

the one in the picture that is pink is what one species looks like,

She was way cool, but I lost her in the move from Az to TX.

They will kill everything in your tank if it dies so this is one

clean up crew member that you should think hard about.

Anemone Crabs
 Cute yes, a problem? Yes.
Don't buy them, they are constant irritants to Anemones and will steal their food and not let them eat.
I used to hae the one below, look closely at the tips of the Tentacles of the Anemone.
 It continually bit on them, causing damage to them. And the mouth of
the Anemone was constantly irritated from it sitting right on it. So, please pass them by in the Store.


You can see one in one picture but you have to look closely, it is a litttle

tiny shrimp looking creature.

In the slide show below you will see Bristle worms under the rock in the tank. Also you will see a large Decorator crab that I have in the large tank, he is hardly ever seen though. Also you will see more snails and blue let crabs. I love those little guys . Also in the slide show is my red Brittle star. He is about 8 inches across now and is in my 125 gallon tank along with my Green Brittle star. They harm nothing but do a great job cleaning up any uneaten fish food.
You will also see my Cleaner shrimp. I have had to find them a new home because they started to be a problem at feeding time, but they are fun to watch as they clean the sides of the fish for parasiites. So grab up a couple of them for your tank.

 The Bristle worm.

Absolutely great for tanks, but can

be very bad if you come in contact with one.

Or two. 

They do a fansastic job at keeping our rock work cleaned

out, in tiny holes and crevaces they go, cleaning up anything

that should not be there.

Do NOT touch one as they will cause serious blisters on your hands that take

2 weeks to heal, and they will pop and ooz.


They do multiply fast to, so if you find yourself over run with them. Just hunt them

down after dark with a flash light, sell them or give them to other saltwater enthusiasts.

Don't kill them. They are terrific for tanks and will not go near your Anemones.

Please see the section "The stings"

There you will see just what these worms can do to your hands.


All saltwater snails are great for tanks.

There are several different kinds , you can see them in the pictures.

Along with blue leg hermits, they pick at the rocks , getting some algae

and junk out of the rock work.

I have huge snails, see pictures, and some small ones as well.

You can not have to many snails.

The Brittle star

The one you will see that has really long legs, be green in color

and a round silver dollar size middle,

they are fantastic for all tanks and wil pick up any

uneaten food from the bottom, move around through the rock work looking

for any uneaten food.

She will strir the top part of the sand (if you have it) keeping

it all nice and pretty, so she is great.