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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The different colors of Anemones

 The Color's Of Anemone's

Some of the different colors of BTA's that I have had over the years.

Many colors depend on the lighting that you have. Without Actinic lights you will

get a very different color then with them, as they bring out the brilliance of Anemones.

If you do not have Actinic lights, they will look a deep red to almost a gray red in color.

I have Actinics on all of my tanks, but keep in mind that they do NOT add total wattage

per gallon of water for your lighting needs.

You must keep the correct wattage of day/sunlight to keep them healthy.

Here are some of the different colors I have had over the years.

And of course, if you look at each section you can see many other colors that I have.









All are considered normal and you should not worry if you have Orange, Pink or Red Roses.