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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The Dying Anemone


Dying roses

I don't have a lot of pictures of dying roses but the ones I do have are here.

You will be able to see a melting of the rose, it will appear to be coming apart or falling apart.

Usually they look like a puddle of snot laying on the bottom of your tank. On the sand. But they

will however stay attached to rock and die, but usually not.

And you will know it is dying by the Skimmer going nuts, it will have loads of froth in the cup within minutes

of the death of anything in your tank usually, but a dead Anemone is the worst.

And the smell is awful.

You will know very quickly if an Anemone is dead by touching it. It will literally fall apart when touched.

I suggest that it be removed by sucking it out of the tank, that way none of the pieces stay in the tank and float

into the Rock work, thus fouling the tank further then it already is.

You will also see white noodle like appendages around the mouth of the anemone that will be its

insides coming out. I have a picture of what I am referring to in the way of Noodles.

This Anemone survived the power head.
But most that are showing this do not make it.

It is recommended that if or when you see this that you take your rose from the tank and place

it in it's own bowl or tank with tank water so that it will not pollute your tank if it dies.



And a different rose that died the day after this picture was taken, notice how it's foot is dissolving.

Usually it takes a few days for it to  die  as it is a slow process.

This rose was received in a shipment of many roses when I first started in them back in the day

The Anemone MUST be removed from your tank before it comes completely apart.

I suggest sucking up the guts first with a turkey baster or a large rubber tubing of some kind, then remove the

rest of it.

It will not survive once this happens so remove it and don't hope for the best.

Below is an Anemone that got caught between two rocks when they slid together for some reason,

he was squished when I found him. The first picture is after I removed him from the tank, the others as you can see is him, holding on to the rock, but torn apart and looking terrible.

I could not use a suction device to remove him because his foot was in the rock work still, so I waited all day for him to finally let go and be dead enough for me to lift him out of the tank without coming all apart. as seen in the first picture.

He of course died.

As you can see, they will come all apart when dying. So if you have one that is looking like this, remove him as soon as you can so that the tank is not fouled up.

Below I put a piece of red material under it so that it is seen better

by the camera.

he is still one piece, but not for long,

about an hour after this picture was taken, it came all apart

and pieces where floating in the tub he was in, and you can also tell by the smell

that it has died.



 The End. Literally