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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The foot of the Anemone

A normal Rose foot.

They will be solid, no rips or damage to it .

Picture taken of a rose on the glass showing the bottom of it's healthy foot.

is the first picture below.

There are times when the foot may be damaged, as in ripped they

usually they will heal over time if they have been in a stable tank.

Their foot is almost always buried deep in the rock work of your tank so it is not usually seen.

They do not plant their foot in sand like other Anemone's do,

They need rock  to hide their foot.
If your rock should fall and the Anemone's foot is in it, figure there has been damage.

When moving any rock in your tank make sure you do not move the rock that his foot is attached to.
They rip very easily so be careful when moving things around in your tank.

The Anemone below has his foot in the corner of the tank

and it is attached to both the front and side glass.




The Normal Foot

Here is a picture of some of my Anemone's with their
foot deep in the rock work.

They will not put their foot down in sand like other Anemone's
and attach to the bottom of your tank, rather

they will send it deep in between rocks and stay there.
If you look at many of the other sections on my site you will see
a lot of Anemone's with their foot buried deep in the rocks, this is just one example.

 The foot in the Rock

Their feet will always be deep in the rock , not in the sand

so always supply plenty of rock for them, loosely stacked

so that there is room between the rocks. 



Moving it in the Tank


I never recommend removing an Anemone from glass unless it is attached close to an intake
If you do need to move it you will need to first use your fingernail,

if you don't have them, get a credit card.
Slowly push the tip of the card under a small section of the Anemone's foot.

Slowly move the card around the outer edge of the foot, it will release as you go.

Now move the card slowly towards the middle of the foot, gently

pulling upwards away from the glass as you move the card .

Your Anemone should now release it's foot and can be gently placed

in another location in your tank.

To remove them from a rock, a credit card does not work as well,
use your fingernail to pry up a small
section of it's foot off of the rock.
Now work your finger all the way around the edge of the foot slowing
pulling up as you go around it.
Now as you can feel the outer edge coming loose, move your finger to
the center of the foot, gently pulling upwards
as you go.
Go slowly giving it time to release itself. You do NOT want to rip it
off the rock but persuade it to release on it's
own and usually they will.
The main thing to remember, go slowly and do not injure it's foot by
getting in a hurry.
Although  I never recommend moving an Anemone unless it is in danger
of hurting itself ,there are times that
it needs to be placed elsewhere in the tank.