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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

The little Pooper

Ahhh Pooping,

They all have to do it.

What goes in must come out, but strangely enough, it is

from the same place.

That is right, the mouth that eats also lets out the poo.

So when they do poo, it looks like this.

It can be black in color, or silver with little shimmering pieces

like scales, because you have fed it a silverside.

So, it usually poops the color of what it eats. So feed it Silversides, it will have a silver

look to it.

Most things darker, like shrimp or other foods will be a dark brown to black.

Usually if you have fish in your tank, or shrimp, they will eat it as fast as it is passed out

of the mouth.

I know I know.

It is strange but that is how it works.

I have added another picture taken years ago, it is of a bleached Anemone that pooped, it was such

a good picture that I wanted to add it below for you to see.