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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

And other SW dangers

The Anemone Sting is no fun

 I am shortening the story on the stings shown in these pictures.
All three of the pictures are of my hands and arms from touching
the BTA's during cleaning of the tank.
I should know better and try to be so careful when going about
the business of cleaning and such.
This is the result of being stung from these pretty critters.

So please everyone, wear gloves when you are working in your tank.

(Please ignore the dates on the pictures, my camera is not set for the correct date)
Here is my arm the next day and I used
two different cameras because both are hard
to use with my left hand.
And the side of my hand.
So please be careful when working in your tank. Most corals have a defense system.