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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

True Percula Spawn

Update. My beautiful female in these pictures jumped out of the tank on 4-1-06
 leaving her mate to tend to her nest of eggs.
She died on the carpet.
Such a sad situation I have now, the male is taking care of the nest by himself now.
 She will me so missed.

This beautiful pair of True Perculas came from

ReeferMadness .
They were in a 40 gallon tank and then moved
to my new 125.
After only a month they took up residence under my largest
rose and proceed to lay there first nest of eggs
and of course I was thrilled.
And the best part is they were all fertile and hatched.
They are now on there second nest as of 3-26-06
So thought I would share some pictures with you.
The first nest.
And there second nest laid on 3-26-06

I will some day attempt to raise the little ones but right
now I have no spare time.