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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Why No bubble tips?

Some Roses will have bubble tips, some won't.
And it is strange that in the same tank, some will and some won't.

I have some with huge bubbles at all times.

  Know-one  really understands why they will or won't stay bubbled up but one thing
I have noticed is mine will bubble after a large meal

And also I have noticed that the less light they get the more bubbles they have.
It is nothing to worry about if yours looses them though.

Also something else I have noticed over the years is, if the tank has perfect water quality then

they usually do not have bubble tips.

I have never ever done a water test on any of my tanks and rely on that algae on the glass or

Xenia to tell me when I need to do a water change which by the way is not very often.

I usually do one, around 20% in each tank every few months or longer depending on

how many Anemones I have in the tank and how much I have been feeding them and the rest

of the occupants in it.

I do skim heavily though and that helps to keep the water clean, every few days

I have to scrape the glass of  because of the bright pretty green algae.

 So take this as you will, it is just my experience.

Here are some newer pictures of some of my roses. As you can see some have the elusive bubble tips. And in the other tank they don't.
The beauty below is in my 75 gallon tank, it is half of a 10" rose purchased from a local saltwater store several years ago.

Which by the way as of this picture below it is now 9 happy Anemones.  (See 75 gallon tank section)

The Clarki in the below picture is 3 inches long to show you the size of the Anemones.

 She is more red than the picture shows, but you get the idea

on the Bubble tips.

And here is a new picture of them all in my 75 gallon tank. Several bubble daily but most are only

half way bubbled.

Silly creatures they are


So in closing this section just remember, no matter how clean the water is or dirty

also, they will just do as they wish.









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