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The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

Loss of Zooxanthellae


Loosing its Zooxanthellae.
( The red or green coloring)
( Taken from Joyce Wilkersons Clownfish book)
" Three-Way Symbiosis"
A less apparent but far more important symbiotic relationship exists between

an Anemone and its Zooxanthellae then between Anemone and Clownfish. 

Zooxanthellae are Photosynthetic Algae living inside the Anemones cells.

The Algae Photosynthesize and produce glycerol ( a carbohydrate) and organic

acids, which the anemone shares in consuming.

This source of nutrition may account for much of and Anemone's nourishment.

The waving tentacles of an

Anemone may not be there to welcome Clownfishes or snare prey

as much as to maximize an Anemone's sun-collecting surface area

and to facilitate Zooxanthellae nutrition production.
The anemone produces ammonia wastes and amino acids which in

turn nourish there Zooxanthellae.
A Clown fish may also play a role in the nourishment of Zooxanthellae,

producing nitrogenous wastes that anemones may take up and share

with their Zooxanthellae, forming a three-way symbiosis.


Article on Zooxanthellae

Please read the new section under Zooxanthellae/Article. It is fantastic and easy

to understand.

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Below are some pictures I took of some of my Anemones the day they arrived from out of state back in 1999.

All of them are what we call bleached.  

The Anemone below is totally lacking it's Zooanthellae.




These Anemone's survived and regained there Zooxanthellae after good feeding and lighting.

As you can see , they will still retain there Bubble tips even though  they are sick.

Keep your water quality good and give them the proper light and food and they will recover.

It may take up to a year for this to happen however so be prepared for that.

Keep the water moving in your tank will also help them to recover  .